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XTB Online Trading

XTB boasts nearly 20 years experience and is the largest stock exchange-listed FX & CFD brokerage. There are 13 offices, including in the UK, France and Germany. XTB is dedicated to providing the best trading experience possible for its clients. These are our core values. Technology is an integral part of investing and finance. We know this and strive to make our trading app more in line with current trends. Our goal is to make xStation a top-rated and functional trading app. Since 2000, more than 495,000 people have trusted us. The world’s most respected supervision authorities, CySEC, KNF, and FCA regulate us. Your investments will be protected. Our clients receive free insurance from Lloyd’s of London. This insurance provider is well-respected and has coverage up to 1 million Euros, GBPs, or AUD depending on their location. The insurance covers all XTB clients. No registration is required.

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Last reviews for "XTB Online Trading"
  • Şahin

    This company is very good quality and everything runs smoothly. Only problem was that I couldn't connect to live support.

  • Fadi

    No fees and easy to use. CSR support has been excellent and is always available. It is possible to make good money with this platform if you are knowledgeable about risk management.

  • Virendar

    I believe XTB should release its own trading web terminal, just like the one Exness does. Everything is fine.

  • Gerald

    i'm new to XTB broker, but when i began my verification i received instructions to fill in the required details about me. Within seconds i was verified

  • Marc

    Customers are not able to get answers from Customer Service.

  • Norman Moore

    This is the best broker I have ever used. Please keep using it.

  • Manu

    Import and Trade Times are very slow. Information is terrible. They make it too late. If they want, they will rollover. So you lose money.

  • Riki

    They send you a confirmation email and inform you that your account has been approved. After accepting a deposit, they say the address verification needs to be redone and refuse any documents I send. This is Thailand. Documents are only in Thai! They respond to our questions by asking more questions and pretending not to understand. This is just like Banks. I'm going to take my money back, hoping they don't make any more excuses and get away from online trading.


    I have never met a worse broker than Xtb. Since I was seven years old, I have invested in various brokers. When you call xtb broker chat, the representative asks for one dollar to open a demo. If you complain, they will call you back and ask you to deposit real cash. They say that you can practice investing while you wait. Three times I tried to open a Demo account. Each time they asked for money.

  • Flávio

    XTB (International), while I believe it to be among the top five in Europe, is not focused on international customers. XTB (International), does not offer any advantages for customers outside of Europe. For example, there are very few currencies and withdrawal options. I think that adding a debit card withdrawal function would make it easier for service providers to charge no fees. International customers cannot check their debit/credit cards.

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