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XM Group

XM has over 600 employees who have extensive financial experience. Traders of all levels and languages choose XM as their broker of choice. We are a large broker and have the resources and experience to help investors achieve their investment goals. Our management has visited over 120 cities in order to meet clients and partners. We believe in human interaction. We have hosted hundreds of seminars around the world to help traders make better trading decisions. Traders have embraced XM throughout the years because of our exceptional customer service and refreshing approach. XM enjoys a high level of client retention.

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Last reviews for "XM Group"
  • Aureli

    Don't believe CYPRUS controlled broker, XM, when they try to fool you. When you go for a Regulator they don't care what a broker did with them. These old offshore scams will soon be closed.

  • Mike

    This broker is a great place to begin your forex journey. Due to their extensive marketing, I believe most forex novices have used this broker. They have so far honored all my profits withdrawals without problems. The platform and customer support are excellent. The only thing I would advise this broker is to not get involved in any bonuses, schemes, IB, or other promotions. You will be fine if you just trade. All brokers are eligible.

  • Nikos

    All was well until I decided to withdraw my balance. I have been trying for 3 weeks to find a way I can get my money, but I have not had any luck. They want to save time and answer all my questions the same way, but not give me any solutions. They claim my Bank returned the Bank Wire Transfer, but this is not true. I have evidence to prove that my Bank did not receive any payment. XM Global has refused to provide me with any Payment proof to show where the Bank Wire transfer was sent. I am now escalating the case to financial regulators. This Broker !!!! is very dangerous! !

  • Umudjaine

    The XM trading platform is simple and quick. I traded with their bonus and it was simple without any encumbrances. I would recommend XM to any person. Their customer service is excellent.

  • Borin

    Poor customer service, platform and wallet. These people are not the best choice if you want to buy cryptocurrency. They were a waste of time. It was a horrible experience.

  • Sarah

    I'll assume that those who write love letters to this broker are scammers, or have been working with them. My $4000 is with this broker and I can't redraw it for goodness sake.

  • Nazeer

    Easy to use platform. Great support team available via email, phone and back office. Although they sometimes give generic answers, they eventually resolve the issue. They are highly recommended.

  • Albert

    Since 2012, I have been working with this company. They have been engaging in a series of fraudulent activities with unqualified account managers. My account number is 15090. I received an email from the manager stating that i could deposit any amount and that they would match it with a 100% bonus. I made that deposit of 174$, and placed an order. Knowing that my bonus would be matched according to email, little did I know that they wouldn't match it. After I opened an order, she called me and said that it was a misunderstand. She promised to give me another bonus if i deposit 200$. I paid another 93$, alerted her, and unfortunately they credit the bonus 2 hours later. My risk was both the cash deposit and bonus. I lost. They tell me endless stories every time I ask for my money. These people are thieves, and will do whatever it takes to scam you. They're market-driven! They are very rude and it is not the same company I knew years ago.

  • Hassan

    Since 2005, I was able to trade with one of the most trustworthy brokers. They are constantly improving.

  • Fatima

    I lost 55,000$ due to their unqualified service. I called customer services multiple times to help me with the deposit problem. They said it was working and i tried again to deposit. It didn't work.

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