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IC Markets

IC Markets is a popular Forex CFD provider. They provide trading solutions for active traders and scalpers, as well new traders to market. IC Markets offers its clients cutting-edge trading platforms, superior liquidity, and low latency connectivity. IC Markets is revolutionizing online forex trading. Traders have now access to pricing previously only available to high-net-worth individuals and investment banks. Our management team is well-versed in CFD, Forex, and Equity markets in Asia as well as North America. We have been able to identify the best technology solutions and pricing providers on the market thanks to this experience.

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Last reviews for "IC Markets"
  • Prosenjit

    My accounts were stuck. I couldn't access my account because the server crashed. I called customer service, and they immediately responded. They set up accounts on a new server for me according to my needs and resolved my problem immediately. They were very kind and helpful. They were very helpful and friendly.

  • Kelvin

    Although I haven't traded much yet, the trades that I have made were always fair and well executed. I was able to withdraw and deposit my funds at the same time, which is great. A couple months later, I reached out to them again to trade at 10PM. We had a nice chat with a very helpful support representative. All of my questions were answered by him, straight forward and without annoying links to help centres that I had to click on. It's amazing!

  • Shadid

    The IC Markets chat team is great. I had a problem logging on to my demo account. It was quickly resolved thanks to them.

  • Scott

    This broker is an absolute joke. A trade was placed while I was away from my mobile phone. It took most of my account due to margin. I categorically did NOT place this trade. The customer service team via email or live chat is laughable. I tried to fix the issue but it was clearly a malfunction with their server or mt4. I didn't execute the trade anyway.

  • Camrad

    The majority of these reviews are fake. Since I joined icmarkets, I have received no support whatsoever. Multiple times I was dropped from 10-30 points, and no support. It got so bad that I had to leave.

  • Dean

    Based on my questions, IC Markets customer service was excellent. All my questions were answered, and I was provided with links to further information.

  • Segun

    IC market is a great broker. They can answer all your questions at any time. These are the best products I've ever used. You will be impressed by their quality.

  • Khurana

    Amazing broker! Great customer service! I have used icmarkets for many years and have only ever had one problem. They always resolve it quickly. One thing I wish they had is the ability to instantly withdraw to a bank. Icmarket could implement this feature in Thailand, where there is already a crypto app that does it. Everything is fantastic and I hope they keep this business going for many years. I'm not looking to change brokers hahah.

  • Ganiyu

    Trustpayments was a nightmare. They keep trying to get my money out of me, but it doesn't work. They asked me for my bank statement twice more after I had sent it as requested. I log in again to inquire about how to withdraw my money and the agent informs me of the same methods that haven’t worked all along.

  • Lara

    I tried to draw money but they refused it today with a ridiculous excuse. They took my trades and kept my money. I am grateful to icmarket for allowing me withdrawal. They declin3d my withdrawl because it was a newsday. and they knew that my trades were going the wrong way.

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