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HotForex is a top commodities and forex broker that offers both retail and institutional clients trading services. HotForex is the most preferred forex broker in the world because it provides the best trading conditions, and traders can use expert advisors to gain unlimited access to its liquidity. HotForex offers a range of trading software and accounts that enable individuals and institutions to trade Forex online. All White Label Affiliate clients have access to liquidity and spreads through automated trading platforms. HotForex offers many account options, so clients can choose which one best suits their trading needs. HotForex provides clients of all levels with the tools and services they need to achieve their trading goals.

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Last reviews for "HotForex"
  • Samson

    After using the account for a long time, comparing with other brokers, i discovered hot forex with execution issues which can turn your profit to loss especially if you scalp in a shorter time frame

  • Luca

    Hotforex has been trading for me for 9 months. This is the 2nd time that I am having a big price problem. They first accepted my fault and have since returned my losses. I received my complaint and was told that my position had been liquidated.

  • Fatemi Ghani

    I discovered this broker last summer and began scalping on major pairs during the New York session. In my scalping, I was able to get good pips most of the times. EURUSD can sometimes be a quick move and GBP can bring me great profits. But there are rare days when I can't wait to see if another opportunity presents itself. I can withdraw any weekend thanks to the easy profit withdrawal system offered by this broker. I withdraw most of my earnings from my skrill accounts. Spreads are fine, but not as much as the total earnings. I would recommend this broker for safe trading.

  • Mustafa

    Excellent broker in general. Excellent customer service and fast withdrawals. Because I trade SMC in seconds, TF with 1 pip.SL almost exclusively, I am forced to move. Hotforex does not allow this. If the minimum SL is lower, I will gladly return.

  • Jett

    Hotforex has scammed me. Hotforex swindled me out of all my profits, including any remaining funds that had been in my account following the withdrawal. Let me clarify: After a few months of trading, I made a withdrawal. Everything was fine. Five months later, I made another withdrawal. And everything was wrong. You will make the same mistakes if you are consistently making profits.

  • Fomer

    Hotforex's platform, MT5 began acting strangely after my profit increased. Order execution was delayed, and messages such as "order is in queue" and "off quotes" were displayed. I withdrew the funds due to a 10% exchange rate difference (USDINR - Market rate was 74.75; i was given at USD69.75). They transferred the funds the next day. They deserve 3 stars

  • Kymberley

    I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. The customer service was poor and didn't answer any of my questions. After stating that they would, they closed my account and have not yet returned my deposit.

  • Saetang

    Overall, I am very happy with hotforex. Although the absence of their own platform is an oddity, most people prefer mt4 or mt5 and this is understandable. It would be great to see them with their own platform. This is just an idea.

  • Ferguson

    Hotforex is the best broker. I have traded with Hotforex many times and had no problems. I recommend everyone to trade with this broker.

  • Aman

    Anyone trying to open a HotForex HotForex account to invest in a PAMM or open a HFCopy accounts should be aware that they won't allow this if you live in the UK. This was my only reason to open an account. I was initially told by phone that I could open a HFCopy Account. It is truly shocking that there is so little transparency and misinformation.

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