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Harvard University

Harvard Business School Online established HBX as HBX in 2014. This was to increase the School’s reach, impact and reach leaders around the globe, in their careers and personal lives. Since its inception, HBS Online has helped more than 100,000 learners from over 175 countries. You can learn from Harvard Business School faculty online and immerse yourself in real-world business problems.

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Designing Organizational Structure
Course description: This lesson is completely free and lasts for 30 minutes. Anthony Mayo (Harvard Business School), Joshua Margolis, and Anthony Mayo (HBS Online), discuss how leaders can add value to an organization. They use the example of a CEO in a grocery store and a senior executive in a medical device business.
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30 minutes
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  • SBman34

    Amazingly impressed by the things I've seen so far, and blown away by the intelligence, humility and authenticity of my classmates and professors. Incredible impressed with what I've seen so far and amazed at the intelligence, humility and authenticity of my classmates and professors.

  • dsd3

    This school has so many things to offer. The best people who can make the most of the school's resources are those who have a particular set of skills. While work experience is not necessary for admission, it can be an asset.

  • oiorr67

    You will be able to take many classes and choose from many concentrations. A great extracurricular activity will be offered. You can also network with alumni and staff to help you achieve your career goals.

  • iun5mi

    Don't be fooled by the hype. This school is not what it claims to. It's full of experts who think they are experts, and students who subscribe the b.s. Faculty's trite attitude is antiquated. Students have the right to be brats. Rude administrative staff

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