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FXTM was founded because trading was too exciting only for a few. As traders ourselves, we saw the potential for the internet to offer opportunities to anyone who was willing and able to learn. We established three guidelines to help others find their opportunities. Trust. Anyone who trades with us can do so with total confidence if there are the appropriate licensing and regulations in place. We pledged to keep customer funds separate, so no one would lose any of their money in the event that things go wrong. We promised to be transparent, open, honest, and truthful. Transparency and honesty were our promises. There would be no hidden fees or secrets in trading statistics. Access. Access should be easy. If Warren Buffet can trade it, it should be possible for it to be traded. Because you can’t profit from what it’s not, we offer access to world-class education that money cannot buy. Value. Value. Our agreement was to keep trading costs low and to work with our customers to make them profitable traders. After all, if you do well, we do well. Every action we take is still measured against the “three mores”. Trust, accessibility and value. FXTM gives you more.

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Last reviews for "ForexTime"
  • Vyscen

    There are many hidden rules and complicated procedures involved in withdrawing money. Support is not responsive and they keep pounding the drums. I have not received my money back for over a week.

  • Peter

    FXTM has been a partner of mine for many years. Customer Care reached out to me and asked me for my employment history. Before I could withdraw any funds, this was the beginning of my disappointment. I was confused by the fact that I trade forex and my employment history. Since that was the only way to get my money back, I closed the account.

  • Ibgahim

    FXTM rated a strategy manager named LuvRanjan as number three in terms returns and number two for level of risk. I was disappointed. My 100 dollars were invested based on two ratings that had low risk and some returns. My 81 dollars were gone.

  • Bantu

    It is very user-friendly and simple to use. The live chat is also very useful. I love the fact that they cater for everyone and ensure that you don’t lose your investment.

  • Rob

    Since 2019, I have been trading with FXTM, the best broker. It's a reliable broker that is efficient. They offer excellent customer service.

  • Henry

    FXTM is transparent. I am looking forward to getting the best from it and to growing with FXTM.

  • Mahbubur

    Fxtm is a reliable online broker that offers excellent trading conditions and more than 20 payment options. Fxtm's support is very responsive and friendly. They also offer instant withdrawal and deposit options. Fxtm offers the best copytrading services I have ever seen. Highly recommended broker for all traders and investors.

  • Gbenga

    My mother deposited money around 2 or 3 years ago. We tried to withdraw money last month but the site kept telling us that we needed to deposit with the same method. The minimum deposit was $19 (NGN10,000), but the site kept repeating the same thing every week. They are licensed and have been for over 5 years. However, something tells me that they are now rogue. Please do not allow them to enter your home.

  • Abihram

    Why are there so many negative reviews? Is it because of Africans? They basically do the following: invest $100, trade 0.8 to max tradable lot standard lot, and they really do. LOL! FXTM has been my broker for over a year. I have never had any problems with them.

  • Kumar

    Hello, FXTM broker was very unprofessional. I had to deposit money through India NRE account. They will not allow you to withdraw from the same account. They appear to be following the same withdrawal policy, even though they are not allowed to do so. They are using Airpay, which is India's worst payment provider. Finally, they let me withdraw money to Skrill and charged outrageous exchange fees. Just in exchange fees, 4000 $ lost

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