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Digital Marketing Strategy
Course description: This course will teach you how to market your company digitally. You will learn about digital marketing and how it can be used to help businesses identify opportunities and reduce risk. Case studies can demonstrate how digital can be used to help companies stand out. Understanding your customers is crucial. This article will help you create a profile that allows you to identify the different behaviors and needs of your online customers.
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8 weeks
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Type of training: Online
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Price: Free
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Last reviews for "edX"
  • VikkHdsoo

    Excellent course content and excellent delivery methods. My only reason for giving 2 stars is because you can't receive your certificate until your peers have read your assignments. This could take several weeks. They say you can reach the staff but they won't respond. The course's UI design is horrible and partially inoperable when you attempt to upload ID. These courses are very expensive. The same content is available on other learning platforms for half the price. The platform's concept and ease of use is great, but it needs to be simplified for users.

  • Rondswqq

    My girlfriend bought me EdX courses, which I later discovered she had paid months later. I didn't use them, didn't study and did not submit an assessment. I opened it to see what it was, and then watched one lesson. Then I never looked at it again. It was about 250$. Now, when I tried to request a refund, they changed their policy so that it wouldn't give me the refund unless you actively look at it. If you do, then you should drop it within the first few weeks of realizing that this is an online scam. They are extremely annoying and I have tried to contact them. As you can see, all of them come from developing countries and work for pennies an hour. Their sole purpose is to stop refund requests from rich customers.

  • huqre

    I signed up for the Basic Spanish Certificate Course. It was stated in the course description that it would take 7 weeks. But, another source informed me that the course would be over in three weeks. Becca replied that the course would end in three weeks. She offered to switch me to another class. Becca emailed me to clarify the reason the class was over in three weeks. The website states it takes seven. I replied, "I offer to change you into another class." Is it possible to make a change? Although she didn't intend it that way, she said it. I asked her how to cancel the class or get a refund. Ten minutes later, I received an email with a cancellation receipt. Customers are not treated well by edX customer service agents.

  • Midke

    I've completed three online courses through edX and found it very helpful in navigating the various modules.

  • utto

    Just completed edX UMGC Micromasters ID. It was the most horrible experience I've ever had. Cathy taught Instructicular's 400th course. Her emails to students and tone of voice were horrible. I would have to fire her if I addressed students this way! These people don't even know what they're doing in these courses. The 100-400 courses were inconsistent. The directions were always changed. A great experience, but not the best, was being rated and rated by non-native English speaking people. I will never again take another course offered by this company. To become a "verified learner", it cost me good $!

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