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AvaTrade pioneers online trading since 2006. With 7 regulations on 6 continents, we are one of the best brokers in the business. We offer many assets and leading platforms. Trade conditions that are generous Integrity is more than a word. We believe in a customer-first approach to business. All we do is guided by the values of integrity, quality, and transparency. AvaTrade believes in empowering people to trade and invest with confidence in an innovative and reliable environment. It is supported by uncompromising integrity and best-in-class service.

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  • Ugo

    Terrible broker. I don't mind high spreads as long as there is good execution. My 1ms vps on their server receives executions of more that a second (1000ms), causing severe slippage. It happens with every order, contrary to what the common broker narrative says about volatility. Nonsensical deposits policy that prohibits you from funding another account with PayPal if the first one was funded.

  • Carlo

    This was my first time calling the CS desk. Milyan was very helpful when I called him. This experience made me realize that I would like AVA Trade.

  • Sivuyile

    Ava Trade is only two weeks old and I am a novice trader. They have done everything they said on their website. Their support team was always available to answer my questions. They also provided educational materials and a daily trading strategy. The app is easy to use. Their service has been great so far.

  • Adam

    AVA Trade has no tech support or customer assistance. If there is a mistake, you will have to wait until they get back to your account. They first take your money and then let you wait to ask questions later. Although the trading platform works well, there is no customer support.

  • Deon

    Poor. Website and app are not working. It doesn't work on the computer, nor does the avatradeGO application. This is something I wouldn't recommend to anyone. It is 2 AM and none of my accounts are able to log in to their respective profiles, websites, or apps. The system crashed. The system crashed.

  • Mahube

    Alev was a great friend! Alev was always available to help me when I needed it. He was clear and concise in explaining everything to me. He also gave more information to make sure I understood. I was informed about how to protect my account and funds, and about AvaSocial. Excellent service! Thank you so much! Avatrade also verified all my documents and paid in under 10 minutes. Alev Nazli was my account manger

  • Loren

    I was assisted by "Henk" by a gentleman who is so professional and patient and can answer any questions you may have. He also provides valuable guidance to help you succeed.

  • Shailen

    In order to con you into depositing, they send you a deposit bonus. They refuse to grant you the deposit bonus when you attempt to claim it. The supervisors you are referred to don't exist. The management structure of a company that operates in multiple countries is not the same as one that exists.

  • Schwarzenbacher

    I opened an account to use Metatrader. A senior official informed me by telephone that there would be no account activation fee. Then, I experienced a change in my personal circumstances and decided to trade two years later. My account was ZERO. They took all of my funds. They denied my complaint and said they had signed the contract.

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