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Our mission is to make clients successful and expand the financial service industry in all countries we operate. We continue to innovate and keep the services we offer as relevant as possible. Since the beginning of our 20-year history, sponsorship programs have been a key part of our work. Many sports teams have been supported by us. In 2018, we reached the North Pole, planted the Alpari flag there and set two world records. There are many other plans for the future. The Alpari Charitable Fund was established in 2005. Over the past 15 year, more than 37,000 people have been supported by the charity. It has hosted over 750 fundraising events and paid more than 1,200 children for their medical care. The fund also supported more than 18,000 families with humanitarian assistance. The fund currently has more than 10 programs in place that help it to focus its efforts and achieve more. The Alpari Charitable Fund currently employs over 100 volunteers.

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Last reviews for "Alpari"
  • Martin

    So far so good. They have been my trading partner for over a year. The spread and price feed on ECN accounts are excellent. They offer low commissions and I like their trading conditions. However, they do not offer debit card deposit/withdrawals or paypal so that you can only use bank transfer or BTC. Although the regulations are not ideal, I do see that they pay insurance to protect investors so we can be protected up 20k EUR in the event of them going insolvent. This is similar to what happened in 2015 with the CHF black Swan event. I would give them 5 stars if they added more payment options and had better regulation.

  • Hiva

    They are very poor support. They keep sending out links and never giving an answer.

  • Ommen

    This broker is the worst in the market. They claim it was my risk, instead of compensating the client for their problems. This was not an issue with any other broker. These pirates are not to be trusted.

  • Revving

    They don't respond to my emails or pick up the phone. I tried to withdraw but it was a huge hassle so i needed to contact an expert to help me.

  • Ahamidd

    ALPARI is a true unscrupulous crook. They also took my money but won't give it back. It is a trap that will not let you go if you make a deposit. It should be avoided immediately.

  • Johnny

    This broker is hands down the best I have ever dealt with. Do not trust those scumbag reviews.

  • Herrington

    The support team is clueless as to why the funds were not being collected. I gave my details to because they could help me. They also offered a bonus and a full refund. I haven't been back to alpari for a while, but I can recommend their platform to anyone who is close to me.

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