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No. 19, Jalan Mega Mendung, Off Jalan Klang Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur.
ProCom Computer Centre

We are proud to say that we have been spreading the awesomeness of our community since 1991 and have helped many people shape their futures and lives. I am proud of what we have accomplished and hope you are too. We are available to answer any questions.

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Course description: Video editing involves the editing of segments of video footage, sound effects and sound recordings. Motion picture film editing was a precursor to video editing. In many ways, video editing mimics motion picture film edits, in theory, and with the use of linear and non-linear editing systems. Director can use film or video to communicate fictional and non-fictional events. Editing is the art of manipulating these events to improve or worse communication. Editing is visual art.
Cities: Kuala Lumpur,
Course type: Offline,
Availability of a certificate: No
Employment: No
Number of lessons:
Course duration: 20 Lessons
Frequency of visiting classes:
Type of training: Offline,
Course broadcast type:
Workshops: Yes
Checking homework:
Graduation project: No
Employment: No
What will I get from this course? :
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  • Lucas

    When I first started the 2-day training, I was skeptical. It turned out to be a very informative training. I learned things that I didn't know and was able to use the tools to help me in my current job. ProCom Computer Centre is a professional company that does extensive research. They have years of experience in training different backgrounds for marketing. It is worth taking the time to listen. Kudos ProCom Computer Centre .

  • Isabel

    The content of the course was excellent both theoretically and practically. Excellent service

  • Vi

    They offer classes in Microsoft Office and a tuition center for graphic design subjects for adults. It's a great place to learn and also a great place to refresh your skills.

  • Ostin

    I recommend the course to everyone who is interested in this field.

  • Corona

    I think the teaching is bad, the teachers don't speak properly when dictating the material

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