Best Training courses providers in Malaysia

Best Forex Brokers allowed to trade in Malaysia. Rating with real reviews

HotForex is a top commodities and forex broker that offers both retail and institutional clients trading services. HotForex is the most preferred forex broker in the world because it provides the best trading conditions, and traders can use expert advisors to gain unlimited access to its liquidity. HotForex offers a range of trading software and accounts that enable individuals and institutions to trade Forex online. All White Label Affiliate clients have access to liquidity and spreads through automated trading platforms. HotForex offers many account options, so clients can choose which one best suits their trading needs. HotForex provides clients of all levels with the tools and services they need to achieve their trading goals.
HotForex Pros
FX Blue Labs created Premium Trader Tools in order to improve the default MetaTrader suite.
HotForex can combine market analysis with news and third party research content.
A team of in-house researchers produces special research reports that include monthly, quarterly and annual outlooks.
HotForex's Traders Board module offers sentiment and correlation data.
HotForex Cons
HotForex's educational content is not of high quality, despite the large number of videos.
All accounts have slightly higher trade costs than the industry average.
HotForex's copy trading platform HFcopy is 300 EUR. It allows you to copy existing strategies. It's not as mature than eToro.
Although the HF app is more user-friendly now, trading is still prohibited. HotForex traders need to use MetaTrader.
Our mission is to make clients successful and expand the financial service industry in all countries we operate. We continue to innovate and keep the services we offer as relevant as possible. Since the beginning of our 20-year history, sponsorship programs have been a key part of our work. Many sports teams have been supported by us. In 2018, we reached the North Pole, planted the Alpari flag there and set two world records. There are many other plans for the future. The Alpari Charitable Fund was established in 2005. Over the past 15 year, more than 37,000 people have been supported by the charity. It has hosted over 750 fundraising events and paid more than 1,200 children for their medical care. The fund also supported more than 18,000 families with humanitarian assistance. The fund currently has more than 10 programs in place that help it to focus its efforts and achieve more. The Alpari Charitable Fund currently employs over 100 volunteers.
Alpari Pros
Trading accounts are available to traders with different goals and experience levels.
Customer support services offer efficient and high-quality service;
There are many options to replenish or withdraw your funds.
There are many educational tools available
It is a good choice for beginner traders. It offers automated trading and participates in many projects.
Binary Options can be used to trade.
Alpari Cons
Weekend trades are not possible
After some delay, you can withdraw funds
Only VIP traders are eligible to receive deposits or withdrawals commissions.
Only traders with standard accounts can trade on the MetaTrader5 platform. Only traders with MetaTrader 4 accounts can have swap-free Forex Islamic accounts.

How do you choose the best Forex broker to trade success?

We are happy that you decided to trade forex. It is a great way for you to be financially secure and can give you the feeling that you have control over your destiny.

There are some things you must do before you can crack open champagne and throw a party. Start trading with a reliable broker in your area. The trading process will become easier and more routine, but it’s important to carefully plan and execute the initial steps. A good start leads to a great end, as they say.

If Malaysia is your country, and you’re looking for reliable Forex brokers in Malaysia, then this guide will help you. We’ll give you a list with key considerations so that you can get the best deal possible.

Legal matters and licenses

To trade safely, only deal with licensed brokers. You can be certain that your money will be refunded if you are victim to fraud. This is our number one tip. It is not necessary to have a Malaysian license fore-trade, but it is highly recommended. It is a sign that traders are committed to following the law and demonstrates compliance. The licensing of traders is done by the FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority). Funds of traders who trade through a FSCA-licensed broker have never been more secure.

You should look for Forex brokers that have been accredited by the AISC/CFTD/FCA. These regulators are well-respected in America, Europe, and Asia. They keep an eye on financial operations and security. They will also protect your funds.

Fees and accounts

Different brokers offer different trading tools and commissions. Verify whether the broker offers commission-based, fixed spread or no-commission accounts. Learn about the broker’s deposits, leverages, margins, and margins. What is the minimum deposit requirement? What are the withdrawal fees and deposit fees? Is there a lower withdrawal limit? What is the maximum amount that you can withdraw per day? These questions will help determine if you have the same trading goals as your trading abilities.

Features on platform

Fees are just one aspect that should be taken into consideration. Have a look at all the features and fees. Analytical tools are available. Transacts such as buying and selling should be possible. Can you close your positions if anything happens? Can you navigate the platform quickly? The ease of use is crucial, especially in times of market panic or FOMO (we don’t encourage anyone to fall for the FOMO hypes).


It is crucial to quickly resolve any problems or answer any questions. You could be in serious trouble if you wait. It is important to ensure that customer support is always available and responsive.


Check out the reviews. You can find helpful reviews from people who have used the platform for making (or losing) money. This step is crucial and you should not skip it.

We’ve compiled a list listing Malaysia’s most reliable and licensed financial brokers. All the information has been included. Choose the one that best suits you and start trading.